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About Us

Nyaman Gallery founder Melvine Amar is passionate about art for what it provides: the feeling of pleasure, nostalgia of memory, freedom of escape, and exhilaration of discovery. Melvine wishes to share with the world the works of artists that convey a vision of the world that may be reinterpreted and personalized at the most intimate level by each and every observer.

Melvine is also passionate about architecture and design and has worked with renowned architects and interior artists to develop her eclectic decorative style.

Together with her husband Stéphane Rémini, Melvine created the brand Nyaman, which translates to ‘cosy’ or ‘comfortable in the Indonesian language. More than a word, nyaman captures the spirit of both the refinement and intimacy of home. Following the critical and commercial success of Nyaman Villas and Nyaman Boutique, Melvine and Rémini diversified their creative and entrepreneurial palette to open Nyaman Gallery in February 2015.

Melvine has spent many years living in and loving the art of Saint-Tropez, New York and Paris. She learned her curatorial craft whilst working together with her aunt on the Rue des Saint-Pères, the Latin Quarter famous for its gallerists.

Melvine hopes to always be able to continue sharing her passion for art with artists and those who support them. She has always loved and advocated for the artists whom she has exhibited. She has been known to say, “Artists, you know, are often mad. But it is a madness that drives others to sanity by sharpening the focus on the lens through which they see and know the world.”

Melvine is a lifelong cultivator of the arts. Since her first travels to Asia, when she visited Cambodia and Indonesia twenty years ago, she has amassed an impressive collection of artworks, handicrafts and decorative objects that continue to inspire her. She revels in the wealth of Asia’s rich heritages, which have inspired her turn away from the art of the European lifestyle. By mingling artists and mixing styles, Melvine promotes local and international contemporary artists with equal fervour. She spots the talent another dispassionate gallerist might overlook and wants to ensure that the world starts to take notice.

The transformative capacity of art is not explainable; it is ineffable. Melvine invites all guests of Nyaman Gallery to become transformed and, at once, discover home, in art.

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