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A young, self-taught artist, Bunny Bone has rapidly blossomed and gained widespread attention in the last three years. Her artwork captures both the soft and wild sides—as well as the fragile and elusively exotic—of femininity.

Growing up in Catholic schools with very strict rules and a cultureless suburb, Bunny Bone’s little heart rebelled by creating female characters ideal to her dreams. If not space heroines and gypsies from other dimensions, the ladies are usually other-worldly tribal princesses and goddesses, wise and gentle, with minds wandering far. They often stare off their paper backdrops with strong and calm awareness. Her muses are at once alluring and distantly mysterious. Each character is carefully named and come with a magical story.

The girl’s unique and fashionable look are influenced by the artist’s childhood television experiences of Disney princesses, vintage Hollywood superstars, 90s supermodels and the culture of Bali, the island where she has been living for the past ten years.

A New Breed

Inspired by collaborations with her partner YOKII, a well-established and experimental mixed media artist, Bunny Bone has begun exploring drawing on a much larger scale. Most recently, YOKII and Bunny Bone created a magical 9-meter wide art work for a VIP lounge at the Domestic Departure Terminal at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali.

Her artistic journey is clearly well underway, and Nyaman Gallery is excited to join her for the ride.

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