Villa Chocolat Bali


To all who know him, Evgeny Bam surfs through life on waves of smiles. The artist and Russian by birth was drawn to Bali’s renowned surf culture about six years ago and has resided here ever since. Bam has been an illustrator and street artist since 2010. His mediums vary from paper and linens to walls and building facades.

The Spirit of Bali

Here on the Island of the Gods—and demons—Bam’s creativity was guided by both the ocean and by newcomers’ transient, tribal style. Central to his signature ‘modern naïve tribal’ style is a fictional character that is a cross between cat and dog. The creature was inspired by his fun and loyal furry friend, Oofa, whom he dressed in a bright and happy orange suit, and the spiritual concept of the Hindu god, Vishnu. Bam calls him Vishoof.

Happily in Between

Nature is one of Bam’s greatest inspirations, both creatively and spiritually. The surf and mountains are both equally magnificent sources of inspiration in his work. Bam lives and works between Ubud’s serene highlands and Canggu’s lively beaches. The balance is everything to him.

Bam also designs and runs a nature inspired clothing line at Istina Store.

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