Irene Hoff was born in the Netherlands, Drachten (1968). She came into this  world beautiful and curious, surrounded by a wonderful and intriguing energy, filled with love, passion, creativity and wittiness.  For Irene, life is an exciting journey filled with playful winks and clues from the universe, giving her a unique dose of daily insights which she transforms into inspiration. She does that by keeping her eyes open and looking for cues in all that comes her way, in the unexpected as much as in the expected. In doing so, she naturally transforms life’s many challenges not only into growth opportunities but also into a creative force.

‘I feel we are losing the authenticity of whom we really are; we are loosing our balance as humans. Once we lose our stability, we lose our freedom and life damages our souls, our bodies, and eventually our planet. Being in balance means having the ability to feel good, inspired, loved, healthy, open and perceptive for all things and people around us. It means that our energy source flows over and through us, and with this energy we uplift ourselves and illuminate our environment.’

Irene’s art authentically reflects who she is:  her lightness of being, instinctive curiosity, unbounded humour, intense perceptiveness, and infectious positivism. She translates onto a canvass an illustration of her perceptions enthralled in emotional and spiritual growth at the time of creation. The imagery and symbolism she uses become a unique gateway in moving people, helping them to see the bigger picture and the roles that each of us has the potential to play.

Art according to Irene

‘For me art is a way of communication, a bridge between my inner voice and outer world. My art is not only a visual way of expression, but a means of transferring energy and insights to the person attracted to my work. I try to open positive thoughts, stimulate the energy source and break down blocking feelings, visions. How I do that; highly intuitive, by connecting with my inner source and its creativity’.

Vivid colors and a unique compilation of styles and visual elements, for example pictures, cartoons, symbols, signs and words, are often the basis for Irene’s authentic collage-pop-art-kind-of-style. Irene works with mixed media, using acrylic on canvass, uplifted with colorful printed patterns on special coated paper.

‘I love to work with large-scale pieces to create a big impact. I will help advise the client on the style that suits their environment and will incorporate personal influences, interiors, lifestyles and my client’s beliefs, to create the perfect match. ‘says Irene.

Art collections of Irene

Irene’s latest series is called Don’t blow my cover and illustrates her view on how people hold on to what they know best, to what is there, even if it is not serving them.

‘I strongly believe we are all born with a majestic internal guiding system. Call it sixth sense or call it intuition. Throughout life, we tend to fill our headspace with opinions of others; society dictates how things are supposed to be done and how we are unaware that these are all external influences yet they might not be feeling right. It affects our vision, and slowly becomes our truth, but is it?

In the Don’t blow my cover series, she visualizes how people get stuck in their own beliefs and beliefs of others, how coloured their view is on life, how opinions influence individuals and how it is affecting the body. In her works of art, she also expresses hope, showing the support that is always available to us, tools that can be used to make us more aware, to make us change our story, and to get us to the ‘next-feeling-good-level’.

In her thematic series ‘World of Weast’ Irene turns elements from East and West, from ordinary life and people’s emotional worlds, into her unique World of Weast, showing differences, similarities, insights and believes that determine us all. By combining those at first glance contradictory components, a new energy balance arises. The World of Weast shows that we are united through universal emotions and energies that bind us all, regardless the background or culture. We all strive for love and we are all one.

Animals play the main role in her thematic collection: Animal Extravaganza. By surrounding the animals with colourful elements and materials they become more visible. They catch your eye, wanting to talk and play with you each time you look at them. Animal Extravaganza is a cheerful collection with a wink and stresses Irene her belief in a dream world where everything is possible, where love and fun rule and people feel save. As she cites, ‘Picasso once said, anything you can imagine is real. So, stop thinking in boundaries, free the limited self, connect with a child’s mind and you will be able to create and be limitless.’

Depending on your mood, each time you pass by an Extravaganza animal, they will have a tailor-made message for you. They are clear on one conviction: ‘dare to be you’!

In her series ‘Animal extinction’, Irene gives species threatened by extinction a real voice. Based on the work of the Australian wildlife photojournalist Paul Hilton, Irene surrounds the animals by figures telling the audience that they are running out of stock. She integrates colourful elements and materials into the paintings, enlarging the beauty of the endangered species. One of her wildlife paintings was signed by Nature Warrior Leonardo DiCaprio and sold in an auction. All proceeds went to the Wild Life Asia Organisation.

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