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With their exquisite mystery and intricate allure, women have perhaps been the greatest inspiration for artists around the world and throughout the ages. Quint joins a long line of artists who have been fascinated by and explored the notion of femininity by invoking the spirit of the goddess Venus.

The Maidens

Quint’s street art has fascinated passers-by along back alleys of Kuta and bustling streets of Seminyak. Each piece carries a message of love and features monochromatic, feminine figures flashing witty gestures. Some of his muses are caught in a daydream and others smile with charm. One rocks an air guitar, while another chides with a cheeky expression. The maidens are modern and strong, bringing a touch of femininity to bare concrete walls and a sweet balance to bustling urban life. Adorning each piece is the artist`s signature, ‘penned’ in bold, red ink. Quint captures the spirit of street art—and his signature maidens—on canvas for Nyaman Gallery.

The Odyssey

This quiet young man from Jakarta was not born into an artistic family. But it is not we who choose art. Art chooses us. Quint originally enrolled in design school to pursue his artistic passions. Feeling that his creativity was restricted, however, he withdrew and began his foray into graffiti. He soon discovered the exhilaration and freedom of making art in public spaces.

Rare is the conforming artist who excels to popularity with his craft. During his graffiti adventures, Quint found his way to the craft of stencil art, and endeavoured to combine the two approaches. During seven years of exploring the streets in one of the world’s teeming megacities, Quint became experienced at transforming walls into canvases, under the threat of early morning police raids and gunpoint threats. The artist persevered, and his pieces now adorn the walls of the world’s creative urban hubs, from Jakarta and Tokyo to Berlin.

Drawn to the beauty of the Island of the Gods, Quint decided to relocate to our tropical paradise five years ago. Response to has works has been resoundingly positive, and Quint has finally found a gallery home for his artistic explorations.

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